Extra hard high density die stone.


ISO 6873 TYPE: 4

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Ideal for fixed prosthetics, abutments, and master models

Kimberlit is a dental plaster specifically designed for the production of master models for fixed prosthetics. It has been developed with the aim of satisfying the most demanding professionals and features a series of outstanding technical characteristics:

High dimensional stability. With a minimal setting expansion of 0.08%, it generates detailed and accurate models that perfectly compensate for the shrinkage of the most commonly used duplicating materials for precision work, such as silicones and polyethers.

Models with great detail definition. Thanks to a fine-grain formulation that allows precise reproduction of the smallest details. Even details of less than 20 microns can be clearly identified.

Smooth and hard surfaces resistant to scratches and abrasions. During the rehabilitation modeling process, you can work confidently without fear of scratching or damaging the master model with spatulas or other tools.

Well-defined margins. The cervical margins of the abutments are perfectly defined and resistant, no matter how thin and sharp they may be.

Due to its composition, the material offers an optimal balance of hardness-fragility, allowing for smooth and clean cutting of abutments, whether done mechanically with a diamond disc or entirely manually with a saw. Manual sawing is possible without causing chipping, creating fine and precise cuts thanks to its low fragility.

Kimberlit is thixotropic; its dense and stable consistency becomes fluid under the mechanical action of the vibrator. This allows it to efficiently fill even the tiniest spaces, while once the vibration is removed, the mass maintains a stable consistency, allowing the modeling of impression tray contours with a spatula without spills.

Kimberlit provides a suitable working time of 7 minutes, allowing the possibility of filling and working on multiple models simultaneously. Additionally, it offers quick and precise demolding in just 20 minutes, optimizing your efficiency and streamlining the workflow. Achieve faster and more satisfying results with its 'Snap' effect, a prolonged working time with a quick final setting.

Compatible with CAD/CAM systems, as it presents opaque and non-reflective surfaces. This feature ensures optimal reading and scanning by the systems, ensuring exceptional accuracy and fidelity in the digital reproduction of models.

Kimberlit is versatile and compatible with a wide range of impression materials, such as alginates, silicones, and polyethers, making this dental plaster a safe choice for any professional.

Presentation: Kimberlit is available in two colors, Golden and White, as well as in 2 packaging formats of your choice.

For sporadic or moderate use, we have 2 kg aluminum bags, designed to provide maximum protection against moisture and preserve the integrity of the product.

For professionals with higher volume needs, we offer a bulk option in recyclable 18 kg drums. These drums are carefully protected inside with a polyethylene bag to keep the product in optimal conditions.


  • Mixing ratio: 20 ml/100 g
  • Working time: 7 min
  • Final setting: 13 min
  • Expansion: 0.08%
  • Compression strength at 1 hour: 58 Mpa


  • This product meets the highest demands of professionals:
  • Great dimensional stability
  • Very smooth and hard surfaces
  • High resistance to scratches and abrasion
  • Optimal definition of details
  • High resistance to breakage
  • Highly thixotropic plaster with optimal pouring and handling consistency


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Product Details
  • ISO  9001 , ISO 13485
    ISO 9001 , ISO 13485
  • Pre-sale and after-sale service All installation, use and maintenance information available.
    Pre-sale and after-sale service All installation, use and maintenance information available.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed If you are not satisfied, you have 15 days to
change your mind.
    Satisfaction guaranteed If you are not satisfied, you have 15 days to change your mind.

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