"PROTECHNO, is a benchmark company in the dental sector, with more than 30 years' experience in manufacturing and marketing advanced products for dental laboratories. It aims to ensure that the quality of the products and services it offers are a true reflection of the expectations of each client, in this way ensuring the company's long-term success. For this reason, it provides, declares and accepts the following principles:

    •  The end quality of the product delivered to the client is the result of planned and systematic actions of Prevention, Detection, Correction and Continuous Improvement of the Quality System, throughout the product cycle.
    • The contractual obligations, the wishes and the expectations of the client, as well as compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, are the criteria for establishing the standard of Quality of our products.
    •  The Quality requirements and/or contractual obligations must be objectively translated into specifications, which will be made available to customers in a full and timely manner.
    • Quality assurance is a task common to all company departments. Each department must accept that they are both a client and supplier of the other departments and people in the organisation.
    • Each employee at FAMADENT is responsible for the Quality of their own work. The Quality Manager must promote the implementation of this policy and the Quality objectives, verifying their execution by means of Audits.
    • The implementation of this policy requires the active involvement of the whole company staff team. To achieve this, Management considers Motivation and Training for Quality to be priorities.

The Dissemination of this Quality Policy will be undertaken through information sessions, internal mail or any other means deemed appropriate." 


January 2015

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